Common Ingredients Settings

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  • Make sure that your blending jar and blades are dry and clean, any moisture will not give a good result.
  • When you are processing to a very fine powder i.e. granulated sugar to icing sugar, you can wrap the lid cover with cling wrap making clean up easier.
  • Do not leave the Le Thermique unattended when operating at high speeds.
  • Is it not recommended that you grind and store large amounts of spices, as they will lose their flavours if stored for many months. It is best to grind smaller amounts and use at their best.
  • All milling and grinding should be performed with the Measuring Cup in locked position on the lid.


Preset mode : SMOOTHIES / 30 seconds / Speed 10

*Repeat for fine texture.


Preset mode : SAUTE / 30 minutes / Speed 2 / 100 °C

*Preferable Blunt Blade for soft texture ingredients in speed 2


Preset mode : STEAM / 20 minutes / 120 °C


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